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Singapore’s leading digital practice solution for professional service firms

Otters Online is a premier provider of a comprehensive suite of high-quality professional practice support solutions and advisory services that helps professional practice and other firms achieve growth through the successful adoption of technology, augmented by strategic advisory and best in class practice support infrastructure.

Our plug and play practice support solutions help professional practice firms modernise and streamline work processes to achieve greater efficiency. Our solutions range from Business Development, Marketing, Financial Services, Research, IT, Talent Acquisition, Real Estate Sourcing, Virtual Secretarial Services, Printing and Imaging, Document Filing and Delivery, Secured Destruction and Storage among others.

The Otters team is made up of seasoned professionals from top professional practice firms and multinationals with unsurpassed domain breadth and depth of experience and knowledge.

Our practice support solutions are affordable and scalable in meeting each professional firm’s specific needs. By outsourcing non-core work, professional practice firms are able to now crystalise significant savings on salaries, real estate and overheads, over and above new value added services that are offered.


Main Line: (65) 6304 7989

The Otters Online solutions and services enable professional firms gain that competitive edge by:

• Spending more time on billable client work
• Providing insights to optimise your firm for growth and profitability
• Reducing time spent on administrative tasks
• Minimising real estate costs
• Reliably outsourcing important functional support

Otters Online enables finance, legal and regulatory professionals to be more effective and efficient. We provide best in class digital practice support solutions and services that deliver vital insights, intelligent tools and guidance to support professionals in the management of their practice.

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