Selecting Your Law Firm’s Internet Domain Name – In 4 Easy Steps

By: Raman Ponnappan, OtterEsq

After you have decided to start a new firm and registered it, you need to choose a domain name for the firm so that you can have your firm’s website and email systems configured with those names.

Why is it important to choose a Domain Name?

Your domain name is your online identity and is the internet visible face of your brand. The name itself should be chosen to represent all that your company stands for. It is of paramount importance to choose a very innovative and catchy name that fully represents your brand and its features.

How does it work?

All the computers that are connected to the Internet are uniquely represented by their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses which are numbers like “”. Since it is easy for all of us to remember names that relate to the firms and companies who own these computers rather than remembering some assortment of numbers, domain names came into being.

Special computers called Domain Naming Servers (DNS) do the translation between the names and their corresponding unique IP addresses, which is what the Internet can recognise. Domain names have a sub-domain part, also called as Second Level Domain (SLD), which is the innovative name chosen by you that represents your brand and a Top Level Domain (TLD) part such as .com, .net, .biz and so on.

Considerations when registering your domain name

  • Pick one that is relevant to your brand identity

Depending on your future plans for the brand you may want to register the other TLDs that would be relevant to the brand’s future plans so that they are not taken up by others. If you have no such plans then just one TLD that you want to use immediately will suffice.

  • Consider future plans

Firms that will conduct their business only in Singapore may localise their domain with a .sg or But if your firm has plans to expand into the region, it is always better to register a generic domain without references to .sg. The .sg domain names are pricier too than the generic domain names without the .sg suffix.

  • Perform a check

As part of the process of coming up with your domain names, you should also check on sites like whether the name is still available or already taken up.

Based on the above considerations, once you have chosen your SLD name, you should also choose all the TLDs so that you can decide on all the domain names that you want to register.

  • Register with a domain registrar

Finally, all the domain names that you want to register will have to be registered with a domain registrar.

When the registration with a domain name registrar is complete, the domain name can then be used by your website hosting provider to host your website and by your email service provider to provide your firm and its employees the email service.



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